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Xenesis T testimonials

I bought this for my husband-thought i’d throw that out there before I go any further-This product does work but you will have to give it it’s allotted time to really kick in which is supposed to be about a month of taking it daily(supposed to take 2 a day).
I chose this because I find it to be more natural than others out there which typically is synthetic testosterone this on the other hand helps your body make its own so I would say at least for husband anyway thats way better. Lost 10lbs from taking this (wasn’t why he was taking this just trying to restore his level back to the way it used be back in his younger days) and he did get some acne about 2 1/2 weeks into it,sex drive went WAY UP too.So I would definitely would order this again,actually we found out there’s a store nearby where we live that sells it so now he just goes down and purchases it in person(he doesn’t “get” this whole internet thing). —Amazon buyer

XENESIS EP testimonials

I suffer early/pre mature menopause symptom 5 years ago – mood swing, hair loss, super dry skin. I was only 40. Then I did a lot of research and found a few remedy online. I was not very confident when I first decided to try this product. Next thing you know is that I have been taking them ever since. It did not show immediate results but it did make me “feel” better in the first couple of months and my symptom slowly go away starting the third month. It is a relief to me personally In addition to Estroven Max strength, I also take low dose birth control pill, Xenesis Ep (natural estrogen/progesterone treatment) plus 5000mcg Nature’s Bounty Biotin. This combo is the total solution for my menopause symptom since 3 years ago. It was based on trial and error experience. The most important thing is the hair loss stop, mood swing is minimal. I have dry skin myself but no longer super dry to the point I could not put up with it. This daily combo is not cheap but I think it is worth it. I will keep this daily regiment until the symptom come back as I really grow older. So far I am good 🙂 Don’t forget to eat reasonably health, keep physical and mental active plus be happy as well thankful inside your heart. —Amazon buyer

XENESIS Pro testimonials

–Amazon buyer

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